Fill Your Tires with Nitrogen

Why Use Nitrogen in Your VW’s Tires?

– Enhanced Safety

– Improved Fuel Efficiency

– Extended Tire Life

– Improved Road Grip & Handling

– Significant Cost Saving

– Environmentally Friendly

About Nitrogen

Nitrogen is a safe, inert, dry gas that maintains tire pressure longer and is less susceptible to temperature change than regular compressed air. Compared to oxygen, Nitrogen is a larger molecule and diffuses through the tire wall at a much slower rate so your tires remain properly inflated for a longer period of time.

Nitrogen Helps Your Tires & Wheels Last Longer

The compressed air traditionally used to inflate tires contains significant amounts of oxygen and moisture. Oxygen in compressed air permeates through the wall of the tire reducing tire pressure. As oxygen seeps through the tire, it oxidizes the rubber causing under inflation and deteriorated rubber. In addition, oxygen attacks the wheel itself which may result in wheel corrosion and tire pressure loss. Since temperature changes cause regular air to expand and contract more than nitrogen, tire pressures can also change frequently causing dangerous under inflation, loss of handling, and increased fuel consumption. Nitrogen is much less susceptible to these changes, resulting in longer tire and wheel life.

Nitrogen Contributes to Improved Fuel Efficiency

In North America, over 7 million litres of fuel is wasted each day due to vehicles driven on under-inflated tires. Nitrogen keeps tires properly inflated for a longer period of time improving fuel efficiency by up to 4%. Less fuel used not only saves money but reduces carbon emissions. For every one litre of fuel saved, approximately 5 pounds of carbon dioxide is not released into the air we breathe.

Nitrogen also helps tires last longer, reducing the number of tire replacements and therefore fewer tires end up in the landfill.

About Your Tire-Guard Warranty

Your Tire-Guard warranty covers Road Hazard Damage to your tires. Road Hazards consist of any condition on a public roadway which should not be there. A puncture from potholes, nails, glass and jagged metal, as well as construction materials and road cracks which causes tire failure is covered under warranty. This coverage is not provided with your new Volkswagen’s factory warranty.

If a road hazard flattens one or more of your tires, simply return to Southland Volkswagen to repair your tires. If the tires cannot safely be repaired a new comparable replacement tire will be installed at no cost to you. Replacement tires are also not pro-rated. Mounting, balancing and installation are all covered under the Tire-Guard warranty with no deductible.

Your winter tires, if purchased from Southland Volkswagen are also covered under your existing Tire-Guard warranty at no additional cost.

New Vehicle Coverage – 36 Months or 60,000km

Pre-Owned Vehicle Coverage – 24 Months or 40,000km