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Remote Start Install – All Makes and Models

For professional remote start installation in Medicine Hat, Southland VW is the place to come. Call or book online today.
Let’s face it, we live in a climate where the inside of your car can be 60+ degrees in the summer and -40 or colder in the winter. For many in Medicine Hat, a remote start is the way to remedy this issue. It allows your car to be warm in the winter, or cool in the summer without having to sit uncomfortably while the vehicle warms up.

When it comes to remote start installation, however, getting a professional installer to put your car starter in matters. At Southland Volkswagen we now offer complete install of remote starts for all makes and models. Our professional installers aren’t young kids trained off the street, when you choose us a certified technician that actually understands the wiring of your vehicle will install your remote start.

Why Professional Remote Start Installation?
When installing a remote start in your vehicle, it often requires tapping into factory wiring harnesses, and if done improperly can cause problems. Sometimes improper install will cause large, immediate, issues, and other times it will just seem like their is a ghost in the machine (car unlocks or locks sporadically, etc). By choosing to have your remote start installed by a red seal technician you ensure that the installer actually understands the wiring that he/she is tapping into.

At Southland Volkswagen, we have techicians with experience in every facet of vehicle wiring. Several of which are certified remote start installers. When you choose us, not only will you get a great deal on your remote start install, you’ll also be able to rest assured that the car starter is installed right the first time.

Benefits of our Remote Starters
At Southland VW we offer both 1 way and 2 way remote car starters. The one way remote starts feature a 500 meter range, and the 2-way gives a 1 mile range. The two-way also has the added benefit of letting you know when your vehicle has started (the remote plays a song once the starter has engaged). We can also offer additional modules, such as Smart Start.

A Smart Start module allows you to start your vehicle from anywhere using your phone. You could be getting off the plane, and have your car warm and ready to go by the time you get to the park and ride.

With all of that said, isn’t it time you stopped freezing to start your car in the Winter? Give us a call at 403-526-3633 and we can provide details, and book your appointment, for your remote start installation at a local Medicine Hat dealer.