World Records Held by Volkswagen

Volkswagen is a very big company. That means that sometimes it breaks records accidentally and other times it can throw its considerable heft behind breaking them intentionally.

The company has highlighted nine Guinness World Records it currently holds to give us a sense of the truly exceptional heights the company has been able to reach.

Bestselling Passenger Car Company

In 2017 the company earned this accolade thanks to estimated sales of nearly 10.5 million units that year. Not bad.

First Car to Sell 20 Million Units

It’s wild to think that VW sells half as many cars every year now, but it’s equally impressive that the company had sold 20 million Beetles in 1981. The 20 millionth car rolled off the line in Puebla, Mexico, on May 15 of that year.

Most People Crammed into a Beetle

This one was a bit of a gimme for VW, but it’s a testament to VW’s cultural power that you don’t really hear about people trying to cram themselves into a Corolla. Twenty-five brave people stuffed themselves into a New Beetle in the year 2000. That’s five more than managed to squeeze themselves into a 1964 Beetle. Weirdly, the record for the old Beetle happened in 2010. Five years later fifty (50) people managed to jam themselves into a camper van in Malvern, Worcestershire, UK.

Fastest Automated Parking Facility

It’s not just people cramming themselves into VWs, VWs cram themselves into two giant parking structures at the company’s Wolfsburg home. Volkswagen’s pair of 20-story parking towers are completely automatic and operate somewhat like a vending machine. Vehicles can get from the entrance to the farthest spot in just 1 minute and 44 seconds. Fun fact, you can ride in the tower and, having done it, I can say it’s pretty fun.

Farthest Distance Driven in One Hour Using Internal Combustion Engine

Speaking of speedy movement, Volkswagen also holds the world record for the longest distance driven in an hour. Accomplished at the Nardo test track in 1980, the record was set by a highly aerodynamic diesel-powered prototype. It literally went 219.598 miles in an hour. Although the Bugatti Chiron can go more than 300 mph, it also empties its tank in just nine minutes—hence aerodiesel.

Fastest Vehicle Crossing the Gilf Al-Kebir Plateau

An Amarok covered this 236-mile-long Egyptian plateau in just 5 hours and 7 minutes in 2012.

Fastest Lap of the Nürburgring by Electric Car

And since we’re talking about speed records, why don’t we talk again about the ID.R blistering lap. Although it wasn’t quite as fast as the Porsche 919 Tribute, The ID.R’s 2019 record remains a remarkable feat of engineering and driving.

Longest Parade of Single-Model Vehicles

Speaking of distances, a Brazilian enthusiast club managed to get 2,728 Beetles together on a racetrack in São Paolo in 1995. It was the longest parade of single-model vehicles in the world—though I’m sure rush hour in Wolfsburg felt like this in the ‘60s.

Largest Human Power Symbol

Another record set just last year. In October, 786 VW UK employees got together in Milton Keynes to stand in the shape of the VW logo for five minutes. Proving that Brits’ love of queuing knows no bounds.

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